Zanzibar and Jade

I am having trouble getting motivated today! Unfortunately there is a lot of uni work to be done and lots of cleaning too! I'm going to buy a new chest of drawers...so that my clothes can move from the floor into drawers.

I'm listening to 'Raphael Saadiq - The way I see it' to get my day started!
I was also naughty and bought some Tom's shoes online. Hopefully I got the right size!

I love keeping plants in my studio! This is my Zanzibar - he has recently started sprouting some different plants in the same pot! I'm trying to grow them...
On my way home from work on Thursday I bought Zanzibar a friend - a Jade tree/Money tree. (Hopefully this means I can retire early as my growing income develops). Turtle is enjoying the shade from Jade when the morning sun comes in.

I am also enjoying this blog thread of Fantasy Holidays: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/search/label/travel%20fantasy from the "Cup of Jo" blog by Joanna Goddard.

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