Strutten Launch/Exhibition tomorrow night!

Brisbane crew Strutten are having a launch party/ exhibition this Friday night for the webzine! (And some of my art work will be in the exhibit)
Bleeding Heart Gallery
at 166 Ann St in the city from 6-10pm on June 17

I have interviewed Strutten contributor Noelle Smith to find out about their webzine and their launch this Friday night:

1. What is Strutten?Strutten is a Brisbane based webzine that focuses on highlighting what is fun, exciting and interesting to us that’s happening around Brisbane (and elsewhere).
Our content will always relate back to creative people or projects because we want to showcase the talent within Brisbane (and elsewhere) that continues to impress and inspire us.
The contributors (us, yippee!) are good friends, which I think is a very important aspect of Strutten.

2. How did you come up with the name Strutten?
Steve did! We were thinking of names for a cool blog, and he drew all these names out and I told him my favourite, and it was Strutten! It sounded so sexy!
3. How do all of the members of Strutten know each other and what is your role in Strutten?I ultimately know pretty much everyone 'cos of Sim.. Met Steve at uni with Sim & bboying, Amy through Claire who Sim were buddies with, Narnia through Nat who... Sim met at a gig........ Thanks Sim!
I don't know if any of us really have a role as such, but I love the social media aspect of the crew, as well as thinking of marketing material to promote Strutten, and researching creatives. I REALLY love interviewing people, so I'm trying to get over my shyness so I can do it a lot more :))

I think I mostly like posting most about fashion, style, photography and that whole side of that industry.. even though I work in the Graphic/Digital Design field, I think that fashion and photography, and even fashion illustration is the funnest to write about! And - Anything Japanese
4. Tell me about the launch party this Friday night?
The launch party doubles up as an exhibition for 12 local artists that we've chosen ourselves! It's to celebrate creativity and inspirational people as well as tell people all about our webzine, which hopes to be the go-to place for all things and events inspirational and creative.

5. What events do you have planned for Friday night?HEAPS OF THINGS! I'm sooooo excited!!!!! We have such gorgeous art, live music, give aways, FOOOOOOOOOOD, little packs, and hopefully a Steve-BBOY performance....if we get him drunk enough :)

6. What is the Strutten motto?
what we like"!We simply want to write about things we like, and not be categorized into a certain type of webzine. We hope to have readers that appreciate us for us, and the things we love and maybe learn about things we find inspiring that people may not know about, as well as share it amongst ourselves :) Claire, Sim and Noelle

7. Is there anything else you would like to let me know?
I love you

8. Are you hipsters?
Hahaha - I never know what that means... I keep thinking Hippies. I'm pretty out of the loop with names and titles of things and people and... stereotypes... Kinda dorky of me... but I'm just plodding along being myself and liking things and showing people....things.. I guess if I'd be any.... name of.. thing.. I'd be a gamer :DD Though totally not related to Strutten, I'll still try and squeeze some gamer related things in... maybe.. one day ;D

Thanks Noell for telling me all about Strutten! See Noelle in this promo video below for the Strutten launch... where things get very messy!

Launch Teaser | Strutten.com from strutten on Vimeo.

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