Interview with Emily Nelson

Check out this interview I did with local artist Holly Leonardson, (or otherwise known for her label Pannikin) on the Pannikin Blog: http://pannikinlabel.blogspot.com/

Here are a few pics that I dug up for the interview...

This is a pic of me when I was little - Painting up a storm

This is my studio - currently in a messy state!
Here is a pic taken of me at the Laneway Festival!


Alex Grigg said...

so jealous of your studio space! I would love to have that much room.
Hope you're well emi :)

Lauren said...

You've got such a great stock collection now! Yaaaay! LOVE your studio space...I also am jealous as my 'studio space' is me balancing a sketchbook on my lap while sitting on the couch haha

Emily Nelson said...

Check out the interview I did too:

I hadn't added it yet!

Sarasarasarato said...

Haha! It looks to me like you're painting some wickedly abstract and fluid concept art for The Dark Knight. That green mass is Batman's cape. At least that's what I'm seeing. (I'm lying. What I really see is my parents and a unicorn ... I hate them ... I hate them ...)

Love your studio space! Looks fresh and good for the brain.

pannikin said...

Thanks for letting me interview you, Emily, it was a treat!

Makoto said...

>v< Awesome!!

Emily your studio is so lovely!!
Down here they are so dark so I love the fact yours has heaps of light! ... and plants~!

Can't wait to see the art that comes out of it :)

Makoto said...

Plus, Little Em is so cute <3