Valentines Day Cards

I had a really busy week this week! I worked Monday - Saturday at my reception job (am covering until they find a new one to share the week). Then in the evenings I was busily drawing, photoshopping, wacom tableting, cutting, gluing, varnishing, painting and brain storming away on new work for the markets! I was extremely lucky to have the help of my wonderful boyfriend Shane: who took my designs in to the printer on Monday and helped me so much this week. And also a big thanks to mum who picked up my prints for me and also drove me from work to the markets!

On Friday afternoon I had a little market stall at the Laneway Festival! It was such an epic day - I was a lather of sweat in the blazing sun until about 5pm when the shade covered our stalls and then a big crowd of drunk and sweaty festival goers decided it was time to have dinner and sit in front of all of our stalls. I am really glad I got to experience the day and hang out at the festival - but it was a tough day for sales and also physically demanding! I was STUFFED! I also enjoyed making some new friends with some of the other stall holders.

Saturday night I made a massive batch of cookies in preparation for the Suitcase Rummage markets on Sunday. I made heart shaped cookies and drew decorations on them in pink icings!

Sunday I had a good day at the markets! I had new Valentines Day cards that were a real hit! Some new badges, some new framed drawings and some A3 prints!

I have had a big week and am very sore all over, sun burnt and super sleepy! Looking forward to getting home from work tonight and crashing!

My Valentines Day Cards are online!! Don't forget to purchase one before Thursday so that I can post it to you on time! :)


Gemma Duffill said...

awesome cards Em, very tongue in cheek :P

Makoto said...

Genius. I think that every time I see that purple hairy elephant. The placement, colour of the hearts!

I also aww when I see that trombone one :) Hope you had an awesome valentines day Em!

Freckles said...

really lovely cards!!

Adele K Thomas said...