floating around...

Hello... still floating around in limbo.
I have had artists-block for quite a while.
Have been trying different activities to encourage some creativity again.
I would like some creative direction. A theme, a project, a goal... and having alot of trouble finding that.

So I am posting 3 tablet drawings... Have been trying to work a bit more with the wacom tablet lately.
Would like to get some more brushes and textures and learn about different techniques. I'm not sure where to start except for experimenting and watching how my friends tackle it!

SO the first two are "art jams"... basically I just listen and draw to music and see what comes out in the end. However, more searching for a visual narative/story within the music while I draw. A little bit like my previous post where they use the "tagtool" to draw and animate live to music.

This last drawing is just a play around I had tonight based on a birthday card I drew for my mum today. It was a little sketch of a pomeranian cloud in the sky with stars and other clouds...

I am also brainstorming words and animals and scenes that seem to have meaning/inspiration to me lately. hehe
So here they are: icebergs, pomeranian clouds, tropcial - (jewels, blue, hawaiin, lemons, blue-green-yellow, palm trees), sunglasses, lobsters, crabs, swimming in jello, jelly, hilltops, forests, stars, summer, red-nose, The Mouse, translucent, floating, engulfed in a water bubble...
Think think think...


Makoto said...

Hey Emily~!

I'm glad you are posting!
I love how you are going with all of these :D You are saying that you are in limbo, but you are still making art work and if you keep going you will break through all this limbo business. I hope you do because I love seeing this stuff and I can only see it here, because it is made by "Emily" :)

PS I passed on a huge hug to Maruna from you, and a few other people. I ended up lifting her from the ground and spinning around lots, and thought "gees she is so light" and got carried away then I think I heard my back creak a bit. lol But she got it! (;>v<)b


Emily said...

awwww *cries* !!! I would love to see you both!!! hugs!!! xoxo

Emily said...

oh and p.s I hope you are having a wonderful time, eating lots of delicious food, going shopping nuts and most of all staying safe!! Must be nice and cool there now!!!

Sarasarasarato said...

Hi Em, these are beautiful. I love the star-breathed frog. It looks to me like he's recounting to the fishes the time he lay on the battic-patterned grass and saw a Pomeranian shaped cloud. More, more, more please, and don't worry about being in limbo, that'll pass! If you throw your weight behind anything and perservere you'll reap good returns. That's my advice.

Let your honesty shine, shine, shine like it shines on us, the only living people in New York... (That's Simon and Garfunkel lyrics...)