You guys suck... I wrote 3 new blogs... and no one has commented me! How is that supposed to motivate me to keep this blog going... I'm just going to end up returning to my myspace blog... you know that!! sucky suck suck... ohh not too motivated to do more art at the moment either... miserable... emily....

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Rishi said...

oh dear, that must suck..alright, I have few strategies for you that can keep you motivated..
Ive posted them on my blog (http://methecow.blogspot.com)
Have a look at them. And I also have PDF books that you can read for success in blogging..My story was kinda the same..i made 2 blogs, over 50 posts and no people read it.
now, Im doing beter, just started again last week and i already have over 10 readers.. :)
cheers emily! goodluck!