update alert! SERIOUS cut-backs on cintiq work and hand drawn work!
Original plans vs time limit:
flashes to be still images - they look too still when played with the other animated sections, this is looking more like it will be done in stop motion now
Big Breath - this section was going to be similar to a past animation I have done with a figure taking a deep breath out of water, However I think the image is too literal to the words and I am looking to do a more spacey scene here combining layers of stars etc done in photoshop and then to create a 3D space in after effects.
Ears - I'm still tossing up whether for the ears I will hand draw them and paint them with the cintiq, I'm thinking about limited animation in this section aswell as some looped parts.
faces were supposed to be hand animated, then scanned into photo shop for cintiq colouring - the faces are taking ALOT longer to animate and in order to keep up with the rest of production there wont be any time to paint them... so in the last two weeks in the editing stages if there is time I will try and paint them. I have been working really hard on this section mostly, and am having alot of hand cramps from drawing so much!!! I'm aiming to get the faces line tested and put into the animatic by next week.
I'm a little stressed right now... am going to have to book alot more dates in the Stop motion lab!
That's all for now, I dont really have any updated pictures... still drawing faces...

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